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by admin on June 13, 2013

fuckbook womanIn the world of seduction, it’s your ability to feel like you have control over the situations you enter with women you find on fuckbook, whether this is asking for the phone number, going for the kiss, sexual initiation, whatever. You have to feel like you have some control, and that you won’t make as many errors due to insecurity. When you go out on seduction meeting, you need to enter the situation with self-control and assurance. This assurance comes from the deep-seated belief that you are the one with the goodies – this woman needs something you have.

Posture can be gauged on a scale, like those wide speedometers on old luxury cars. On the far left (near 0 mph) is your total ambivalence (and just a bit of avoidance) to the situation or woman. On the right (where your engine is maxed out), you are hopelessly obsessed, anticipating every waking minute you’re not near her. In the middle is a comfortable place for the needle to idle. In this ideal posture zone, you occasionally think about the target, but you know you can also remain comfortably detached from her. At least enough that her casual comments will not throw you off.

Attract fucbook women

Think of how you felt when you knew someone you weren’t attracted to had a crush you: Part of you was flattered, but mostly you couldn’t have cared less. Think also of how you treated this woman. You were probably cool and stand-offish, not wanting to instigate further feelings of attraction on her part. The ironic thing is that this only made her want you more.
The point here is that you should strive to emulate this kind of attitude with every time you on fuckbook some woman you relate to. The trick is that you practice this cool detachment with a balance of flirtatious interest, but only enough to give them some doubt about your intentions. That doubt about you is called mystery.
But keep in mind that posture is not just an iron statue of manliness. Actually, your ability to remain vulnerable and flexible is essential to success. The man that is rigid and unbending will break (as the Taoist saying about the reed in the wind.)

Balance your firmness with a measure of emotional warmth. The more “real” you can appear in her eyes, the more she will trust you. This is why I emphasize that you do not lie or mislead during The Seduction Method.

How to act in any situation with a women
You’ll know you have posture when you have the will to get up and leave ANY situation you happen to be in with a woman if it suits you. You’ll be able to pull back from a kiss first, thus leaving her wanting more. You’ll be able to call her bluffs and tests. You’ll be able to turn her down when you think she might be more trouble to seduce than fun. You’ll be able to walk away from a potentially poisonous woman, no matter how beautiful she is. You’ll be able to turn her down for sex because you have alternatives and options – as well as knowing that she wants it more than you do.

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